2024 Certified Nursing Assistant Class Schedule

  • January 08th 2024, FULL available Day class C.N.A
  • January 6th 2024 1 seats available Evening Weekend Only Class C.N.A.
  • February 5th  2024, FULL Day class C.N.A.
  • March 4th 2024,  3 seats available Day Class C.N.A.
  • March 9th 2024, FULL seats available Evening Weekend Only Class C.N.A.
  • April 1st 2024, 2 SEATS AVAILABLE Day class C.N.A
  • May 6th 2024, FULL Day class C.N.A
  • May 18TH 2024,   2 SEATS AVAILABLE Evening Weekend Only Class C.N.A.
  • June 3rd 2024, FULL   class C.N.A.
  • July 1st 2024  6 seats available Day Class C.N.A.
  • July 13th 2024  Evening Weekend Only Class C.N.A.
  • August 5th 2024 Day Class C.N.A.
  • September 2ND 2024   Day class C.N.A.
  • October 7TH 2024 Day Class C.NA.
  • November 4th 2024 Day Class  C.NA.
  • December 9thh 2024. Day Class C.N.A.
  • C.N.A. Day Classes meet from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. for two weeks. Third week is clinical. Typically clinical meets from 6:45 A.M. to 3:15 P.M.
  • Evening weekend classes meet from 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm sat and sunday for 20 weekends .
  • January 21st 2023 Evening C.N.A. Calendar http://meadowsnaz.org/evening-calender09112021/
  • Headmaster Skills videos are out. go to az.nurseaidevideos.com
  • User name is hdmaster@hdmaster.com    password is demodemo

2024 CNA Enrollment Agreement

Student needs. Fill out and return with your enrollment agreement

The items in the above list need to be sent to meadowsnaz@gmail.com

C.N.A. Course Syllabus Day Class

C.N.A. Course Syllabus Evening class

C.N.A. Course Catalog

Text book- Mosby’s Text book for Nursing Assistants 10th Edition

Click the following link to pay for your Certified Nursing Assistant Training program: http://meadowsnaz.org/certified-nursing-assistant-course-payments/